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A Proud Screen Actors Guild Actor Since 2014. 

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Chaunty Spillane as "Lara Kensington"

Who is Chaunty Spillane

Who is Chaunty?

Chaunty Spillane is known for being an American actress in Ghostbusters (2016).  Spillane is also an Internationally-published magazine cover model. 

Chaunty is a Public Figure on Facebook and Instagram. As of April 2017, she was Verified by Facebook.  

Spillane is a SAG-AFTRA Actor whom seemingly turned emerging filmmaker "overnight" after a decade in the industry.  

Chaunty Spillane's on-the-job experience, life experience and solid support system: are only part of what makes this actress stand-out from the competition.  

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Passion, Acting, Training & The Film Industry

Career versus Life Passion

Chaunty Spillane acts due to her passion for the creation of a art.  Spillane identifies overall as an artist and believes in on-going/career-long  training.


Chaunty began first professionally modeling in 2009. Chaunty has 12 years experience in theatre acting and 6 years experience acting in Blockbuster films. 

Spillane is well-known for not ever having  arrived late to a photo shoot, event or movie set. 

Chaunty has trained with:

1. New England Modeling Group (NEMG) in NH for "Introduction to the Industry" and "Cold Reading" classes

2. Steve Blackwood for cold reading scripts

3. John Casablancas for three years for acting and modeling

4. Mike Messier for Mesiner acting

Punctuation, professionalism, quality of work and dedication are among Chaunty's many personal qualities that set her apart from the industry competition. 

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Chaunty Spillane

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